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The global marketplace exists online. Give your customers access to your product with just the click of a button. From boutique goods to large wholesalers, Codedesign has the skills and experience in Ecommerce that fit your business’s needs. If your goal is to launch an online store, we have the developmental skills to turn your vision into reality. If you are currently in the Ecommerce industry and find you are not converting traffic to sales or simply hope to boost your numbers, we have the knowledge to optimize your conversion path.


Ecommerce data

Data Analysis in Ecommerce is by far one of the most important challenges to have a business running and ahead of competition.

Check this template we did for you and use it in your organization.

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our ecommerce expertise

  • E-Commerce development

  • Conversion auditing

  • A/B Testing

  • Speed testing

  • Conversion path study

  • Lead Management

  • Integration with CRM

  • Integration with backoffices

  • Sales expedition auditing

  • E-Commerce stress tests

  • Competition tracking

  • Competition test



Ecommerce Development

We’re passionate about growing businesses online, so building Ecommerce stores is in our DNA. Our team of full stack developers have the skills to bring your Ecommerce vision to life. Weather you are starting from scratch or looking to enter a new market, we have all the tools necessary to build you a high functioning and user centric Ecommerce store.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The devil is in the details. When it comes to Ecommerce, little things, such as the color of a Call To Action button, can make a big difference in conversions. Our team are experts at conversion rate optimization. We dig through the data to understand the conversion path, why some users are completing the cycles and others dropping off. We run extensive A/B tests to optimize landing pages, reduce exit pages, and increase your store’s conversions.

Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce stores require a unique marketing strategy. Since the goal is to complete a sale and not just generate leads, campaigns must tailor made to your audience’s behavior. Our team of pros know exactly how to market your online store to maximize your sales. Taking into account holidays, promotions, and special events, we create strategies that work. And, we thoroughly track and measure the results.