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Display Advertising


Display campaigns are a great way to increase your online visibility and boost your brand awareness. Display advertisements include banners, graphics, and videos that appear on various places in the web through what is called a display network. Display networks allow you to connect with viewers in the places that they typically spend their time. Display Networks such as the Google Display Network (GDN) give advertisers the power to create highly targeted campaigns, and retarget based on audience behavior and interaction history with your brand. With the ability to chose who is seeing your ad, when, and where it appears, you are honing in on more qualified viewers. Since you only pay per click that is received (PPC), your media budget is optimized.


Our Display Advertising Methodology

  • Audit Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Audience Research

  • Display Banner Design

  • Campaign Setup

  • Landing Page Design

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • A/B Testing

  • Video Display

  • Monthly Performance Report



Audit & Competitive Analysis

We start by auditing any current display advertising campaigns. We assess the quality of any existing banners, including both copy and design. Then, we examine the placement strategy to determine if they are appearing in the right places, to the right audience, at the right times. We also analysis the industry to determine what competitors are doing in this realm.

Audience Research

Using several tools, we determine the behaviors and patterns of your target audience. We seek to measure where they are encountering your brand, their conversion rates, and their level of engagement with your site. This is particularly valuable to ecommerce stores in understanding user behaviors when shopping on your site, such as if they are completing purchases or abandoning shopping carts.

Strategy Definition

We use our insights to form a data driven strategy. We determine if a your ads should be manually placed throughout the display network, remarketed to users who have previously encountered your brand, or both.

Display Banner Design

Once we have determined where your ads will be placed and to whom they will be served, we focus on the ads themselves. Display graphics are expertly created with a simple aesthetic, thoughtful design, value-driven copy, and a clear call to action.

Landing Page Design and Implementation

We use this stage to create high converting landing pages to drive traffic to. If an appropriate landing page does not already exist or an ad is promoted a limited time offer, we develop and design a landing page that seamlessly assists the conversion path.

Campaign Adjustment

We monitor the performance of campaigns and continue to adjust as necessary. With remarketing, we will typically continue to refine audience so that ads are highly specific to their previous actions taken on your website.

Monthly Performance Report

In our monthly performance report, Clicks, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Acquisition, and Conversion Rate to measure the performance of the PPC campaigns. We also draw insights about audiences, including demographics, geographics, and which devices are most frequently used.