Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing


The digital space is growing more and more each day. How do you ensure that your business gets the visibility you need in the massive digital universe? Our team is here to optimize your online presence and increase your search engine ranking.

At Codedesign, we believe in the power of content. Modern consumer culture is buyer-centric. The internet provides consumers with boundless resources to make more educated choices for a greater purchasing power. Successful brands follow an inbound process, creating value for their potential customers and drawing them in through informative and remarkable content.

Content Marketing has become the centerpiece of effective marketing in the digital era. An impactful content marketing strategy is not restricted to the content creation process, but overlaps with SEO and Social Media. High quality, regularly produced content can create incredible returns for your company by helping your SEO rank, positioning your company as a valuable resource, boosting your social media presence and delighting your customers.

Organic traffic is one of the leading indicators in conversions as organic search represents high relevance to the user. We determine the search terms that are most aligned with your business goals and will yield the highest visibility to your target audience. We strategically incorporate these keywords and use deliberate link-building to place your website in the top positions of the search engine results page (SERP).


Our Content Marketing Methodology

  • Keyword Research

  • Content Planning

  • SEO Based Content Creation

  • Promoting Content

  • Content Analysis



Keyword Research

Since SEO and Content go hand in hand, we begin with a thorough keyword research process. We define the search terms that are most relevant to your industry and readers. These keywords are the skeleton for building your content strategy.

Content Planning

Before a single word of content is written, we create a detailed content schedule. Posting on a regular basis is key to the success of a content strategy. Here, we map out the workflow so we never skip a beat. Our content calendar includes the keywords and blog topics we build out around them, the target customer we are trying to reach with our content, and benchmark dates.

SEO Based Content Creation

This is where we combine SEO best practices with expert writing and rhetoric skills to create remarkable content. Our content writers are deliberate with word choice so that your content is received well by both search engines and readers. Based on the chosen strategy and according to industry standards, we will produce blog content for you.

Promoting Content

Great content is useless if no one is reading it. To ensure that your articles are getting the visibility needed to achieve your business goals, we develop a supplemental social strategy. We determine which social channels are most relevant for your target market, and promote your content on them regularly. We promote each piece of content on your social networks, and also incorporate some digital PR to add more exposure and backlinks to your content.

Content Analysis

Like all facets of digital marketing, we must track and analyze our efforts. We measure page views, as well as comments, likes, and shares on social to understand how your audience is engaging. If a certain type of content is outperforming others, we tailor our strategy to produce more of what resonates most with readers.