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We are social creatures by nature. Social media marketing allows your brand to interact with your target audience on the platforms where they already spend their time. Maintaining a strong social presence is crucial for engaging with customers and providing an ethos for your business. Social networks also provide a powerful medium for reaching potential customers through advertising and sponsored posts. Our comprehensive social media strategies begin by determining your company’s social atmosphere, and deliver your tailored social media marketing campaign. Our team are experts in establishing and managing brand identity on all major social platforms.


Our social media marketing methodology

  • Social Audit

  • Audience Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Social Strategy

  • Community Management

  • Content Strategy

  • Advertising Strategy

  • Monthly Performance Report


Social Audit

We begin by running a social audit to gauge the current state of your social presence. Measuring your current performance aids us creating a roadmap for future success.

Audience Research & Competitive Analysis

To develop a comprehensive social media strategy, we must determine your market and industry’s social atmosphere. With a better understanding of your target audience’s behaviors on social media, we can choose which channels are the most effective for your brand.

Social Strategy & Community Management

Each social strategy requires a unique voice that conveys brand’s ethos. If the strategy calls for full social community management, our social media experts will grow your network, monitor your pages, and engage with your follows.

Content Strategy

Your pages should only post content that resonates with your audience. Your social content strategy will likely be an extension of your blog and publishing platform for your articles, but also include social specific content including images and graphics.

Advertising Strategy

Social networks provide highly effective advertising platforms. If determined appropriate for your brand, we will create an advertising strategy to boost your reach through sponsored posts. Advertising channels typically include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Monthly Performance Report

We build monthly performance reports that clearly detail the performance of each of your social media accounts, including earned and page KPI’s. We also place this within the greater context of your digital marketing strategy, gathering insights on how much of your total traffic comes from social, and the effect of your social media strategy on your overall marketing efforts.