Clients We Work With

We deliver comprehensive strategies tailored to address specific issues and goals for businesses of all types. As a results-driven agency, we ensure consistent vision and delivery throughout the digital marketing process. Below is a small sample of the work we have developed that showcases the diverse range of skills and expertise we offer to a variety of clients.

Perfumes & Companhia

Perfumes & Companhia is the largest online cosmetic company in Portugal. Codedesign created a unique digital marketing strategy for them encompassing all platforms. We are their partners in Ecommerce, revitalizing their online store and increasing traffic through A/B testing, SEO, PPC management, social advertising, and remarketing based on shopping experience. Our team has successfully developed lead generation and conversion path optimization, and have doubled Perfumes & Companhia’s revenue across all main channels, primarily Organic and PPC.


Chicco is present in over 120 countries, with more than 150 shops in Italy and another 160 throughout the world. Chicco has a range of products for the pregnancy and breastfeeding stages, first baby foods, hygiene and protection, out and about and travelling, relaxation and sleep, play, clothes and booties or shoes. It’s brand dedicated to children aged 0 to 3 and all their psycho-physical, emotional and social needs..


Saboreia a Vida is one of the largest and most important projects of Nestlé Portugal. It serves as an organized platform to compile and store content for all of Nestlé’s products. Codedesign is providing an exhaustive SEO strategy that includes keyword research, density check, backlinking, and insight reporting. We have successfully implemented 2,500 keywords indexing on the first three search pages, including some ranking in the top three positions.

Grupo José Avillez

José de Avillez Burnay Ereira, better known as José Avillez, is a Portuguese chef and restaurateur. He is one of the most renowned Portuguese chefs. José Avillez opened the fully renovated Belcanto restaurant which won a Michelin star that same year. In 2014, Belcanto earned its second Michelin star, and, in 2015, it was considered one of the best restaurants in the world by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.
Codedesign is one of the digital partners of the group.

HK Strategies

H+K is a public relations and integrated communications agency with 87 offices around the globe. Codedesign is working as a digital partner for HK along their PR team. We have developed several websites and integrated digital business strategy teams for specific areas like SEO, PPC (Adwords, Fb Ads) and Social Media Management.

LEV – Comer Para Emagrecer

LEV is the most popular diet plan in Portugal and Spain. With a protein based diet LEV has helped more than 70.000 persons to get in shape. Codedesign was responsible for creating a digital marketing strategy to help increase online and offline sales. We have provided PPC management and optimization, built SEO strategy for keywords in both Portuguese and Spanish and developed a content marketing strategy. We also restructured the online presence focusing on the e-commerce store.


Mitsubishi is an international automotive manufacturer. Codedesign provided Mitsubishi with optimized newsletter campaigns, lead generation and lead acquisition. We are also responsible for contact database validation to identify errors such as mistypes and bounces, data cleaning and optimizing. Additionally, we reshaped their mobile app to have a more effective user experience and ultimately increased conversion rates across all channels.


E-loan is a credit consolidation company and Codedesign partnered with E-loan to build a Lead generation strategy that would reach their niche market. We have helped them grow through social media marketing, Google Adwords and PPC, content management and newsletters.

Hotel Borges

Hotel Borges is a boutique, luxury hotel line with locations in Lisbon, Portugal and Rome, Italy. Our team provided digital marketing for both locations. Services delivered included HTML development, restructuring of all online content, and establishing a long-term content strategy for future use. We also implemented a new shopping cart for improved of user experience. Codedesign boosted their online awareness through SEO strategy including keyword research and density check.


Radley is a London based brand specializing in high quality purses and accessories. Codedesign developed and optimized their online store and increased their digital presence. We provided Radley with a responsive web design and a thorough Ecommerce strategy, optimizing their landing page through A/B testing, PPC and Adwords campaigns. We also increased their brand’s reach through digital PR. Since working with Codedesign, Radley’s conversion rates have increased by 15%.

Heritage – Small luxury hotels

Heritage hotels are a small set of luxury boutique hotels in Portugal. Codedesign was responsible for creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help increase booking and sales. We have provided PPC management, developed, and audited their SEO strategy using main keywords in both Portuguese and English. We also restructured the online booking process so each of the hotels’ locations can be booked from one website. Additionally, Codedesign audited and replaced all Adwords campaigns in German, English, and French markets. We have successfully optimized Heritage Hotels’ conversion path and expanded their international customer base.

Hub New Lisbon

Between Bairro Alto and Principe Real is a charming Hostel with an amazing view. Codedesign has help build a new digital customer journey across all main areas like Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click strategy and lead management. Also, we have helped develop a more suited conversion path and sales funnel of the hostel.

Group M

Group M is the global leader in advertising, marketing, and media. Codedesign’s work with Group M is reflective of our team’s technical side. Work developed includes cloud data integration and Business Intelligence implementation. We also developed a Tableau board featuring visual analytics and an easy to use dashboard.

Codedesign Pet Project: Open PD

OpenPD is Codedesign’s brainchild- conceived, developed, and launched by our core team. It is a mobile app that provides an on-the-fly system for fast identification of plant pests and diseases. It is easy to use, based on an open community and peer learning. Funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no. 632738, OpenPD was intended for use within the EU but has since expanded and increased in popularity globally, particularly in developing countries. Learn more here.