Top 10 Trending Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK

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While not ranked by any specific metric, these are the digital marketing agencies we think deserve a shoutout from their fellow experts for continuing to impress, and move the industry forward.

Here are the Top 10 Trending Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK



Having grown from two 2 to 45 people in the space of 4 years, Impression handles the services of major clients throughout the UK and in Europe. This year was arguably their most outstanding year since their formation, as they scooped major accolades and awards at both the UK Search and the European Search Awards for their SEO division of the business. Impression's work isn't limited to SEO however, and they describe themselves as a digital marketing agency who "thrive on creating intelligent, integrated creative marketing campaigns and seamless customer journeys" and posit that "Your business can benefit from our range of digital marketing services and  web development team, which we already supply to clients across the UK and overseas." 

  gravity thinking digital agency uk

Gravity Thinking

A small team of dedicated professionals, these digital marketing maestros have worked with clients such as Grosvenor Casinos, Hyundai, SpareRoom, AQA and Phillips, showing their versatility to create campaigns across different industries that target a range of audiences. Perhaps their most notable campaign was Hendrick’s 'Ministry Of Marginally Superior Transport', in which they used frustrated tweets from train and tube commuters in the UK's capital city, and turned them into a series of viral short films. One of the most creative companies on this list. You can trust that your brand won't be forgotten about anytime soon with Gravity Thinking.   cyber duck digital marketing agency uk


Making waves in the marketing industry since 2005, Cyber-Duck are just as adept at completing projects in any of the digital marketing disciplines. They've made quite a name for themselves in 2018, taking on a big UX project for the Mitsubishi Electric website, and being nominated for the B2B agency and Design agency of the year categories at the UK Agency Awards, as well as becoming finalists at the Wirehive 100 awards for the 5th year running. And with a minimum project size of $25,000, Cyber-Duck's aspirations are a draw for many large companies. 

  yando digital agency uk


The SEO powerhouses of London, Yando are almost unrivalled in the UK when it comes to increasing organic traffic. Taking on both domestic and international projects, the scope of clients on Yando's roster is impressive considering it was founded just last year. Boasting Motorola, American Express, Black and Decker and LA Times, big clients are swayed by Yando's "no stone left unturned" approach and will in no doubt be fighting over Yando's services in the years to come. They aren't a one-trick pony however, and after a PPC strategy in one of the most competitive industries for digital marketers: iGaming.  

beyond digital marketing agency uk


Describing themselves as a "design and technology ideas company", Beyond are pentially the most widely known firm on this list. Although they may have been better suited to our Top Digital Marketing Agencies in NYC list (their headquarters are situated in San Fransisco and they have an office in New York), we can't exclude them as they also have office in London which is a vital hub for their British clients. One of these is the NSPCC, a UK children's charity, in which Beyond optimised the website containing potentially life-saving information. They were also asked to create a hybrid mobile application, which 95% of the people who installed the mobile app still use. Beyond show their heart is still at the centre of digital marketing, taking clients with a minimum project size of $10,000 simultaneously alongside Google, Just Eat, Snapchat and Facebook. loud mouth digital agency uk

Loud Mouth Media

Our first entry from across the pond is Loud Mouth Media, a PPC focused agency with headquarters in Belfast, and offices in Dublin and Glasgow. The were awarded the best Small PPC Agency in 2017 AND 2018 at the UK Search Awards, but small is a categorisation metric and certainly doesn't affect client satisfaction and results. So much so that "90% of their business is inbound". With clients including the Irish Football Association, The Telegraph, and, Loud Mouth Media don't intend to reduce their decibels any time soon. 

  parallax digital marketing agency uk


Residing in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Parallax are a digital marketing agency that specialises in Design & Development, and Marketing & PR. Branches of these include email marketing, SEO, web design, content marketing, and branding. As a result, Parallax are very user-oriented, and great if you want a company that has their "whole creative process revolving entirely around your needs." Parallax "see every project as a fresh opportunity – we approach each and every one from an exciting new angle." which is both literally and figuratively, as they have added offices in Marylebone, London. Culminating in no fewer than 5 awards last year, Parallax are an agency that can fit your small-medium business well.  

 tamba digital agency uk


Tamba are a bit of an anomaly on this list, but for good reason. While the Staffordshire-based company are still technically a digital marketing agency (and a very good one at that), they also run integrated campaigns, with offline marketing, and influencer marketing. This is especially interesting in today's day and age, with bloggers, vloggers and viral campaigns permeating into people's lives on platforms that didn't exist 6 years ago. It's no secret that this type of marketing comes at a price though, with Tamba charging a minimum project size price of around $25,000 for their work. But companies such as Pirelli, Superdry and easyJet think they're worth it.

koozai digital agency uk


Formed in 2006, this 20 person-strong team already have a number of awards under their belt. Koozai deem content as the backbone of their digital marketing processes, and they say their digital marketing "team works hard to ensure that your content is served up like a big juicy steak". With services in Digital PR, SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Social, and Paid Search, Koozai are experts in attracting people to your brand, nurturing those leads, and gaining you audiences that you didn't think you had. If that wasn't enough, "they aren’t finished until they've served a delicious three-course meal that leaves you satisfied". We would've thought they'd have gone for a takeaway analogy, given Papa Johns are one of their satisfied clients. Even Google have given them a slice of praise, recognising them as one of the top 30 digital marketing agencies in the UK. With an hourly rate between $150-$199, you pay for what you get, and a bottle of aged red to go with that filet mignon.

   codedesign logo


Yes, we reserved the last spot for yours truly, Codedesign. Supporting clients in numerous industries, from hospitality, to finance, to eCommerce, Codedesign is a digital marketing agency who are quickly establishing themselves at the forefront of the international marketplace. Boasting marketers fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch, clients can expect a 'no stone left unturned' policy, using a combination of the main digital disciplines (SEO, Paid Search Marketing, Display Marketing and Remarking, Organic and Paid Social Media, Content Marketing, and Data Analytics) to create holistic strategies focused on building international brand awareness and driving conversions around the world. With a client-base containing Randstad, Chicco, Nestlé, and Microsoft, Codedesign has a level of sophistication that competitors can't match when it comes to dedication, approach, and pricing. We're also listed by DESIGNRUSH as one of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies for small to mid sized companies.

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