How to Convert Instagram Followers to Customers

Instagram Marketing to Increase Your Sales

Social media marketing is highly valuable for connecting with an audience. Social networks provide a platform to create a brand identity, build an ethos, and develop a following. However, if your social marketing is not converting to sales, then it doesn’t matter if you have 10 followers or 10K. Instagram is one of the most powerful tools for social media … Read More

Messaging Apps and the Future of PPC

Mobile messaging apps as a platform for PPC.

Humans are always looking for new ways to communicate with one another. From the telegram to the text message, we are constantly seeking to improve our ability to interact. As our means of communication become increasingly digital, this opens new spaces for digital marketers to run PPC display ads. Here in Europe, SMS has become virtually obsolete. Long gone are … Read More

How White Labeling in Portugal Will Grow Your Agency in USA

White Labeling for Digital Marketing Agencies

As an owner of a digital marketing agency, you’re in the the business of growing your clients’ businesses. But how do you ensure the growth of your company? White label services are an invaluable resource that your agency should be capitalizing on to increase your margins. Consider a white label agency as your trusty sidekick. They deliver the digital marketing … Read More

White Labeling in Portugal- An Opportunity for Marketing Agencies in the US

Lisbon, Portugal's digital culture is ripe for white labeling.

Digital marketing is standard for business today, and Portugal is the future of all things digital. Lisbon in particular has become increasingly relevant in the global conversation of technology and business. The understated costal capital of Portugal has been making a splash in recent years with its unique start up culture and serving as host of the 2016 Web Summit. … Read More

10 Quick + Easy SEO Wins

Manage Expectations in SEO

A critical issue in any search engine optimization project is expectation management. The above chart illustrates this frequently occurring problem in our industry. Optimization is an iterative process, and most times, a relatively slow one. This makes sense when we take into account the complex and extensive number of variables at work in SEO, and also the fact that all … Read More

Google Ads Tries 4 Paid Results

Google Adwords Tries 4 Paid Results

It’s hardly the first time Google experienced new formats. Over the years there have been several places where the results changed. Recently in France, there were several days where 4 ads appeared with Quality Score 10/10 at the top of the SERP. Although we only spotted this in a couple of searches, this change does not remain unnoticed. Not only … Read More