Are You Making the Average Digital Marketing Salary?

Comparing Salaries from Around the World

The internet made the world a small place. With online training courses (such as those offered by Google and HubSpot), the same technology platforms (seriously, all digital marketeers are using the same marketing platforms such as Google Adwords, Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, SEM Rush or MOZ), and exposure the same global marketing challenges, digital marketers everywhere share similar education and experiences. But when … Read More

How To Use Data Studio for Reporting [With Free Google Data Studio Ecommerce Template]

The strongest digital strategies are driven by data and steered by analytics. Understanding the metrics behind a campaign is just as important as knowing how to run the campaign itself. Analytics allow you to measure your online performance, identify areas to improve, and how to adjust your digital marketing strategy accordingly. In order to draw conclusions from this data, you … Read More

How To Know If Your Website Is Performing Well

Is your website performing well?

A well performing website is crucial for businesses in any industry. Many of your potential customers will have their first interaction with your brand through your website. Your online presence is your chance to make a lasting impression. A website has the power to guide your potential customers through the buyer’s journey. A poorly performing website is a giant roadblock in … Read More

4 Ways For Digital Marketing Agencies to Keep Costs Low and Grow

As a small digital marketing agency, you are looking to get off the ground and growing as quickly as possible. A great way scale your business is by keeping unnecessary costs and overhead to a minimum. Here are a few simple ideas of how to turn your small agency into a digital marketing powerhouse in no time. 1. Use Free … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About The Publishing Summit in Lisbon

Digiday Publishing Summit Europe 2017

Last week, Lisbon welcomed nearly 200 publishers for the Digiday Publishing Summit Europe. The summit drew a wide scope of attendees from the publishing industry, showcasing the past, present, and future of how brands communicate with their audience. Some publishers, like UK’s The Daily Telegraph, have been producing and sharing content long before the internet era, and are learning how … Read More

How Long Does SEO Take to Rank Your Page?

Search Engine Optimization

Working in the digital marketing space, you are likely aware that there is little to no instant gratification in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ranking on the first page of the SERP is an iterative and time intensive process. Meanwhile, businesses are becoming more conscious of the importance of SEO for their company’s online visibility. And they want to know how … Read More

How Will the Advancement of Automation Technology Affect the Roles of Digital Marketers?

Automation is the future workforce.

Automation- It has become quite the buzz-word in digital marketing communities lately. From email campaigns and social media to lead generation and PPC advancements, digital marketing activities are becoming more automated by the day. In our modern world, manual jobs are constantly being threatened by technology. But this reduced need for human participation is not isolated to traditional labor industries. As … Read More

How Digital Marketers Won the Super Bowl

Bai's super bowl commercial

Every year, millions of Americans tune in to watch the Super Bowl. While the top teams from the AFC and NFC face off for the championship title, marketers are competing to steal the attention of the year’s largest television audience. Super Bowl advertisements have become as much of an American tradition as the game itself. Super Bowl 51 was surely … Read More

17 Free Tools That Every Digital Marketer Needs

Tool Kit

Digital marketing activities can often be arduous tasks. Fortunately, there are hundreds of tools available to aid you in the process. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites that we simply can’t live without. These 17 tools will help you become a digital marketing ninja and a GYSHIDO master. Window Resizer This tool allows you to resize your browser windows … Read More

5 Reasons Your In-House Marketing Team Needs a Digital Agency

Man from a Digital Marketing Agency

One of the many decisions business owners face is whether it is necessary to hire a digital marketing agency. For small businesses especially, it is important to be sure before you spend that you will see a return. Budget constraints and your existing marketing efforts may sway you to believe that you don’t need one. But on the contrary, working … Read More