5 Ways to Localize Your Retail Email Marketing Strategy

email marketing

Learning to use email marketing effectively can be a lucrative strategy for increasing sales and broadening your customer base. Not all methods will work exactly the same, however, and you should be aware of the differences within your industry. For retail establishments in particular, getting more targeted and personal can improve your email open and response rates. According to recent … Read More

The 5 Digital Marketing Services Every Business Needs

digital marketing services

Starting a business can be a challenge, and even more so in the digital age. Where do you spend your marketing budget? How do you get the most for your money? What digital marketing services are going to make the biggest difference? If you’ve found yourself asking these same questions, below are five essential digital marketing services that every business, … Read More

How Translating Your Website Content Can Grow Your Online Customers


In the world of SEO and marketing, it’s important to remember that your native language does not reach all demographics. It may be that you are a large corporation operating on a global scale or a small business in a local area fluent in a foreign language. Either way, taking advantage of marketing and advertising translation services when localizing your … Read More

Digital Marketing Strategy: A Beginner's Guide

digital marketing strategy

In today’s fast-paced Internet age, companies are in constant battle for their consumers’ attention. Online users are constantly bombarded by ads and stimuli coming from all angles. Given this oversaturated online environment, how can you make your brand stand out? How can you cut through this noise and deliver your brand message to qualified listeners? Many modern business owners find … Read More

Codedesign at Hotel and Spa Tech Live!

Hotel and Spa Tech Live 2018

Codedesign is proud to announce that we will exhibiting at the 2018 Hotel and Spa Tech Live conference in London. The event will take place on September 25 & 26 at the ExCel convention center. We will be in the company of some the hospitality industry’s most recognizable names, such as Trivago and Booking.com. Our team will be discussing innovative … Read More

How to Use Facebook Marketplace for Business [Infographic]

Facebook Marketplace

You already know Facebook as the top virtual destination to connect with friends and family, develop business relationships, and post fun content. But it also allows its users to indulge in shopping without hassle. What is the Facebook Marketplace? In recent years, we see a lot of small business owners grow into magnates by simply taking advantage of the online … Read More

6 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Don't Convert


By the numbers, your Instagram account is flourishing. You’ve accumulated an impressive group of followers, and they’re interacting with regular likes and comments. However, this apparently engaged audience isn’t generating e-commerce conversions. As interested as your followers seem to be in your Instagram presence, their interest doesn’t extend to your products or services. Why aren’t your Instagram followers converting? The … Read More

Perfumes & Companhia: Upgraded Remarketing Strategy Sees a 420% Increase

About the project Perfumes is the leading brand in E-commerce for Perfumes and Cosmetics. The E-commerce store was experiencing a very high CPA and some difficulty capturing returning customers. From Analytics our rate of abandoned carts was not as we wanted them. Our challenge here was to increase unique purchases and quantity of sales and increase revenue from returning visitors. … Read More

LEV: Increased the number of Phone Calls 84% with an SEO strategy

About the Project LEV® is one of the leading diet and weight loss brands in Portugal. With almost 20 years of experience in the health and nutrition industry, it is present in several European countries. LEV® has successfully changed the lives of over 100.000 people across Europe. Challenge Competing with several brands with larger budgets for online and offline marketing … Read More

Nestlé: Revamped SEO strategy sees a 84% increase in Organic Sessions

About the project Considered the largest food company in the world in terms of revenue, Saboreiaavida is a subsidiary website of Nestlé Portugal. Saboreiaavida is a brand content website for Nestlé Products and brands with articles and food recipes. This portal intends to be a reference for healthy food, recipes, and related topics. Goals Increase organic traffic and online visibility. Increase website engagement. Rank on Google top … Read More