Digital Ad Fraud: The Good, the Bot, and the Ugly


Nowadays, advertisers are demanding 100% viewability. What does this mean? What is a “viewable banner”? And why are such metrics needed? Understanding the Display Advertising Landscape  Display campaigns rely on networks, such as Google Display Network and Facebook, publishers, such as online magazines, and a long tail of web properties, such as blogs, directories, small websites, mobile apps, to … Read More

From Mad Men to Math Men: The Future of Dynamic Creative Optimization


This interview was originally published in Top Interactive Agencies. View the original post here Codedesign a Lisbon-based digital marketing agency has been making interesting discoveries using Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). We spoke to Codedesign’s CEO & founder Bruno Gavino, to get an insight on the evolution of DCO and what impact it might have for brands and marketers. Can you please define Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)? Delivering the … Read More

Programmatic advertising: Top 5 reasons why you must stop doing your campaigns the old way

programmatic advertising

Why Programmatic Advertising? Display advertising campaigns have changed a lot since they first launched. Today, target publishers and placements alone are not enough- you need to incorporate segmentation that will help to increase campaign affinity with your target audience and adjust the ads to fit the user’s interests. Programmatic Advertising: The Future of Display Display campaigns usually bring to mind … Read More