10 Performance Marketing Tricks to Improve Your Google Ads

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Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program, which allows users and companies to advertise and reach out to audiences that are interested in purchasing their products or services on the search network and other partner websites. Those who advertise on Google Ads pay only per results. That means you pay only when someone clicks on your ad, visits your website, … Read More

How Hotels Can Use OTAs to Boost Their Digital Marketing Strategy

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This article was originally published on the official Hotel & Spa Tech Live 2018 Website. Read the original blog post here. Online Travel Agencies, or OTAs, have revolutionized the way people travel. Travelers love them, but hotels have a love-hate relationship. From a user’s perspective, it makes finding and reserving a hotel based on your travel preferences easy and streamlined. … Read More

5 Tips to Find the Best Keywords for Your Business

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It all starts with some words in a search box. Over 40.000 searches are made every second on Google, 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Each search is an expression of people’s needs, wants, interests and desires. Imagine how much your business would benefit if you could customize content on your website to serve … Read More

The 5 Digital Marketing Services Every Business Needs

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Starting a business can be a challenge, and even more so in the digital age. Where do you spend your marketing budget? How do you get the most for your money? What digital marketing services are going to make the biggest difference? If you’ve found yourself asking these same questions, below are five essential digital marketing services that every business, … Read More

How to Get More Phone Calls from Your Website


Whether your company is e-commerce or not, your website is your online store front. It’s the digital representation of your brand, acting as your online voice to help you achieve your business goals. In the digital space, it’s easy to get caught up in the vanity metrics.  These metrics, such as Instagram Likes, can be a great indicator of engaging … Read More

PPC Benchmarks: What is Your Industry's Average Conversion Rate?

PPC Benchmark Data

A PPC advertising strategy can be a great way to reach audiences that would’ve taken years to reach with an organic strategy. It’s a great entry point for businesses on a budget and allows businesses to have a sense of full control, with the ability to pull ads quickly if they’re not working, edit ads quickly, and control what they … Read More

What Is a Dark Post on Facebook?


Update 1 November 2017: Facebook has recently removed Dark Posts from their suite of ad features. It’s speculated that Facebook has dropped Unpublished Posts to encourage transparency in their Ad Platform, which was scrutinized for being used questionably by politicians. To facilitate this transparency, Facebook will reportedly make all Ads Campaigns that a brand is running available on their Facebook … Read More

How Will the Advancement of Automation Technology Affect the Roles of Digital Marketers?

Automation is the future workforce.

Automation- It has become quite the buzz-word in digital marketing communities lately. From email campaigns and social media to lead generation and PPC advancements, digital marketing activities are becoming more automated by the day. In our modern world, manual jobs are constantly being threatened by technology. But this reduced need for human participation is not isolated to traditional labor industries. As … Read More

Messaging Apps and the Future of PPC

Mobile messaging apps as a platform for PPC.

Humans are always looking for new ways to communicate with one another. From the telegram to the text message, we are constantly seeking to improve our ability to interact. As our means of communication become increasingly digital, this opens new spaces for digital marketers to run PPC display ads. Here in Europe, SMS has become virtually obsolete. Long gone are … Read More

Google Ads Tries 4 Paid Results

Google Adwords Tries 4 Paid Results

It’s hardly the first time Google experienced new formats. Over the years there have been several places where the results changed. Recently in France, there were several days where 4 ads appeared with Quality Score 10/10 at the top of the SERP. Although we only spotted this in a couple of searches, this change does not remain unnoticed. Not only … Read More