A Complete Guide to Ecommerce SEO


Everyone knows that SEO is an essential step for the success of ecommerce and web-based companies. If you want to increase your online sales, potential customers must be able to easily find you. With over 40,000 Google searches happening every second, it is therefore obvious that the search engine should not be ignored under any circumstances. With continuous changes to … Read More

Digital Marketing Trends for the Fashion Industry in 2019

There are currently 45.36 million eCommerce users in the UK, with an additional 4.06 million users expected to be shopping online by 2021. Four years from now, these 49.42 million eCommerce users will spend an average of 2,251.82 USD online. By 2021, Fashion will still be the most purchased online category, with an estimated value of 34.85 billion USD. However, with all this growth in … Read More

7 Ways to Increase Your Profit Margin in 2019

Increase profit margin

2019 is almost upon us and you’re probably struggling with next years P&L forecast, trying to figure out ways to increase your profit margin. In theory the formula is simple:   Profit Margin = Total Revenues – Total expenses You can alter the outcome of this equation by doing three things; Increase number of sales (always I guess) Reduce costs … Read More

5 Must Do’s Before Implementing Your Google Shopping Product Feed


If you’re marketing an e-commerce brand and you’re not using Google Shopping then you are missing out big time!   What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads (PLAs) allows e-commerce stores get their products in front of users that are actively searching for them. Searchers will be able to see the product’s photo, title, reviews and … Read More

How to Use Facebook Marketplace for Business [Infographic]

Facebook Marketplace

You already know Facebook as the top virtual destination to connect with friends and family, develop business relationships, and post fun content. But it also allows its users to indulge in shopping without hassle. What is the Facebook Marketplace? In recent years, we see a lot of small business owners grow into magnates by simply taking advantage of the online … Read More

Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting with Google Data Studio [with Free Template]

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Data Studio

Why Analytics is the Key for Success in Ecommerce If you own a business or are involved in the management of one then you are more than likely using your website for Ecommerce purposes. This means that your customer journey differs from that of a traditional businesses, as you no longer have the physical touch or human sales element. This … Read More

How to Get More Phone Calls from Your Website


Whether your company is e-commerce or not, your website is your online store front. It’s the digital representation of your brand, acting as your online voice to help you achieve your business goals. In the digital space, it’s easy to get caught up in the vanity metrics.  These metrics, such as Instagram Likes, can be a great indicator of engaging … Read More

How to Use Slack to Manage Your E-commerce Inbound Marketing


So your e-commerce business is seeing a good level of growth. Your sales are increasing month-on-month due to the new inbound marketing strategy that you have implemented. In order to achieve this growth you have employed more team members to create, implement and maintain your inbound marketing strategy. The strategy started well, but due to the increase in workforce size and … Read More