How Hotels Can Use OTAs to Boost Their Digital Marketing Strategy

hotel digital marketing strategy

This article was originally published on the official Hotel & Spa Tech Live 2018 Website. Read the original blog post here. Online Travel Agencies, or OTAs, have revolutionized the way people travel. Travelers love them, but hotels have a love-hate relationship. From a user’s perspective, it makes finding and reserving a hotel based on your travel preferences easy and streamlined. … Read More

The 5 Digital Marketing Services Every Business Needs

digital marketing services

Starting a business can be a challenge, and even more so in the digital age. Where do you spend your marketing budget? How do you get the most for your money? What digital marketing services are going to make the biggest difference? If you’ve found yourself asking these same questions, below are five essential digital marketing services that every business, … Read More

Digital Marketing Strategy: A Beginner's Guide

digital marketing strategy

In today’s fast-paced Internet age, companies are in constant battle for their consumers’ attention. Online users are constantly bombarded by ads and stimuli coming from all angles. Given this oversaturated online environment, how can you make your brand stand out? How can you cut through this noise and deliver your brand message to qualified listeners? Many modern business owners find … Read More

Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting with Google Data Studio [with Free Template]

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Data Studio

Why Analytics is the Key for Success in Ecommerce If you own a business or are involved in the management of one then you are more than likely using your website for Ecommerce purposes. This means that your customer journey differs from that of a traditional businesses, as you no longer have the physical touch or human sales element. This … Read More

A 5-Step Digital Marketing Plan for Hotels


The internet has transformed the way people perceive travel. With only a few thumb taps on our smartphones, we can discover any corner of the world. This newfound wanderlust is causing more people to travel than ever before. In fact, a 2015 study from the United Nations World Tourism Organization found that 1.2 billion people travelled outside their countries borders … Read More

How to Get More Phone Calls from Your Website


Whether your company is e-commerce or not, your website is your online store front. It’s the digital representation of your brand, acting as your online voice to help you achieve your business goals. In the digital space, it’s easy to get caught up in the vanity metrics.  These metrics, such as Instagram Likes, can be a great indicator of engaging … Read More

How to Use Slack to Manage Your E-commerce Inbound Marketing


So your e-commerce business is seeing a good level of growth. Your sales are increasing month-on-month due to the new inbound marketing strategy that you have implemented. In order to achieve this growth you have employed more team members to create, implement and maintain your inbound marketing strategy. The strategy started well, but due to the increase in workforce size and … Read More

Using Google Optimize for Your Website Design


When implementing change to your website, you are probably either using programs such as Optimizely, or you are outsourcing a website designer. Well, if you haven’t heard already, Google has changed the game by releasing their split testing and personalisation platform, Google Optimize. What is Google Optimize? Google Optimize is a tool that helps you add value to your customers’ … Read More

PPC Benchmarks: What is Your Industry's Average Conversion Rate?

PPC Benchmark Data

A PPC advertising strategy can be a great way to reach audiences that would’ve taken years to reach with an organic strategy. It’s a great entry point for businesses on a budget and allows businesses to have a sense of full control, with the ability to pull ads quickly if they’re not working, edit ads quickly, and control what they … Read More