How To Use YouTube Analytics to Optimize Your Brand's Video Content Strategy

YouTube Analytics

Video content has been on the radar of content marketers for several years now. And, as many forecasted, it’s impact is reaching new heights in 2017. In fact, it’s estimated that in 2017, videos will represent 74% of all internet traffic, and 80% in 2019. The Importance of a Video Content Strategy Videos have revolutionized the way we consume content. … Read More

5 "Left-Brain" Resources for Content Marketing

Effective content marketing involves equal parts “left-brain” and “right-brain.” Your “left-brain” is your objective, analytical, spreadsheet-using side. This is the mindset to embody when planning your content strategy. You need this side when developing your target personas, your editorial calendar, and other tasks that fuel your content with purpose. Conversely, the “right-brain” is where your inner creative lives. In content … Read More

Digital Marketing For Yoga Studios

yoga mats in yoga studio

Online marketing is crucial for businesses today to connect with their audience. Digital marketing penetrates every industry of business, and yoga studios are no exception. This balance that our western yoga has achieved (no pun intended) between preserving an ancient practice and keeping up with a changing, online world is what has enabled it to hold such a well-established space … Read More

Why Your Brand Needs an Inbound Marketing Strategy in 2017

Man on Google Analytics

The inbound marketing authorities at Hubspot recently released their State of Inbound Report for 2017. Through a global survey including over 6,000+ respondents, the Hubspot team measured how brands are practicing the inbound methodology in their marketing activities. The report provides a useful analysis on industry trends, the modern marketing landscape, and insights for the future. But before we dig into … Read More

The 10 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

man reading digital marketing blog

Digital marketing blogs are a dime a dozen these days. While some are credible resources for staying updated and informed on industry trends, many are just a watered-down regurgitation of someone else’s content. Digital marketers are a busy breed. The articles you read should be consistently adding value to your life. To save you time and help you navigate the … Read More

User-Generated Content to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Image of Food as User Generate Content

Social networks have given users the power to be the creators of their own content. Image and video sharing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest allow members to curate and contribute to the content they want to see. This opens new doors for social media marketing, shifting the dynamic of campaigns from monologue to dialogue. Olapic recently conducted a survey on the … Read More

Where To Find Inspiring Content For Your Brand

Find Content Inspiration Everywhere

When it comes to writing content, at times it can be a challenging task. Creativity is not always around the corner, and you might struggle to find new ideas on subjects to write about. What often happens when you are constantly writing about the same topics is you end up feeling that you won’t find new ways of saying the … Read More